Too Cute to Be Single

Let’s be real…at some point in time, you’ve looked in the mirror and thought “I’m way too cute to be single Jesus.” Lol

If you won’t admit it, I will because I’ve definitely thought this a few times. I’ve reflected on my morals and accomplishments, and when coupled with my cute smile (lol), I thought that I was a pretty neat catch for someone.

So what’s the problem? Why am I still single?  Well, besides the fact that Jesus isn’t ready to make that love connection there are other factors at play.  Of thos, I believe God’s number one priority is perfecting the unseen things.

On the exterior my accolades, smile and curves may be desirable but God knows those aren’t enough to sustain a marriage through its ups and downs.  My jovial attitude and optimistic outlook on life aren’t enough to help my marriage withstand the tests of time.

Instead, God is looking to perfect, prune and mold the hidden things that often taint the visible things. He’s looking to make me a woman of my word so that my husband and children can have confidence in my promises.  He’s looking to knead out my stubbornness in order to prevent weeds of pride from uprooting my humility and willingness to serve my husband.  He’s looking to make me better so that I can be better to others.

Our looks may capture the eyes of our spouses in the beginning, but God wants our heart to be the beat that keeps our husbands running after us.  He wants us to have a marriage designed and appointed by Him.  He wants our heart to reflect His face.  He wants our desires to be pleasing in His sight.

One of the best toolkits to perfect in our inner man is found in Galatians 5:22-23. There we will find what God calls the “fruit of the Spirit.”  These are nine traits that God has called us to pursue and possess in every area of our lives.  He likens these nine areas to fruit because they harvest endless blessings when put into practice.

The nine fruit of the Spirit are:

  1. Gentleness
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Love
  4. Self-Discipline
  5. Goodness
  6. Kindness
  7. Peace
  8. Joy
  9. Faithfulness

Each one is like a small tree bearing seeds capable of producing endless fruit in our lives.

A few years ago, I set a goal to be more fruitful in each area so I wrote each one on an index card and read it each day before leaving for work.  Each day, I checked my heart to see how I was hitting the mark and I assessed where I needed to devote more time.  Over time, I found myself to be more compassionate, understanding and forgiving.

So, what about you?  You’re cute.  You’re gorgeous (you may even consider yourself to be drop-dead gorgeous) but are the areas of your life aligned with the fruit of the Spirit?

  • Are you kind to others?
  • Are you easily angered?
  • Are you secretly in competition with others?

An enlightening scripture says “as water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” Proverbs 27:19.  We are most attractive when our heart looks just as good as our exterior.  Yes, you are cute…but just don’t be too cute to focus on what matters most. Your singleness is for a season and a reason.  Use that time to focus on becoming a better you.



  • Courtney White
    November 3, 2016

    Amen, the time we had as a single is a great time to prepare for the kingdom appointed marriage we desire. So why not use it to better ourselves, help others, and to just enjoy life. Thank you for sharing this message!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      November 3, 2016

      Yes!!! Like, truly enjoy life! Travel, try new things, go to new places, conquer fears, build stronger friendships…enjoy life and all that it has to offer! You’ve truly been enjoying yours this year! I love seeing all of your fun posts about fashion, fun & adventure! ☺️

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