The Lost Art of Pursuit…

🎼🎼 Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore but some days I still wish I was a kid again...🎼🎼

Man, I used to love that song!
Back in the day girls used to get butterflies when the guy they were crushing on finally approached to ask for their number.
When the stares across the library and the long dreamy-eyed stares in passing weren’t suffice anymore, he’d finally muster up the courage to walk across the room with his chest puffed up and ask that girl for her phone number.

“Can I have your phone number?” 

Even if his palms were sweaty and his voice was shaky, he’d squeeze out that last bit of courage to ask for her number–It’s one of the sweetest lost arts of our time and I wish it would come back. 

These days, texting, DM’g and sliding through DM’s have not only become the standard but have also become the norm for pursuing a woman and/or expressing interest in a woman, but for girls like me, it’s simply not okay.
Call me old-fashioned but there’s something admirable about a man who takes time to pursue a person or thing of interest. It communicates his level of intent and it reveals the value of his time.
It’s an instant turnoff when a man attempts to “get to know” me via text or some other type of messaging system (i.e. Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn messenger, etc.).  âœ‹ðŸ¿ðŸš«ðŸš·
Something about convenient communication comes across as convenient pursuit and I have no desire to be the object of any man’s convenience.

Guys, I know it’s intimidating to approach a woman but it’s so attractive and very much appreciated when you do it with tact and respect. It lets us know you have set standards for yourself and it lets us know that you value the art of pursuit. It sets you apart from the many guys who are simply looking for quick & easy “connections” and hook-ups!
To my single sistas, let’s continue to hang in there and enjoy the wait. I know it’s rough sometimes but you and I are so worth it. I wholeheartedly believe that our patience and perseverance are not in vain because God is a rewarder of those who believe and seek His face. (Isaiah 40:31; Hebrews 11:6)

My prayer for you and I today, is that we will continue to wait and be bold in our singleness.

Keep your head up high. Maintain your integrity.  Keep your shoulders square and know that God is a God of perfect timing, perfection and order. Your walk has been purposed for a such a time as this; so be mindful about who walks beside you. If he’s not pursuing you in the way that God pursues your heart, wait for the One who will. Feel no pressure to conform. You are someone’s wife.

You are worth the wait.

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