Waiting With Purpose

Are you just waiting or are you waiting with a purpose?

There is such a thing as waiting idly. It’s the kind of waiting you do when you decide to worry or doubt while waiting for tests results or a medical report. It’s also the kind of waiting you do when you choose inaction over being productive.

While waiting idly achieves little to nothing, waiting with purpose is always guaranteed to yield results and fruit.

As a single man or woman, we are constantly faced with the decision of choosing between what is productive and that which is counterproductive.  Moreover, we are challenged to discern between what is purposeful and what is useless.

  Do you go on that date or do you decline the invite?

Do you save your work bonus or do you spend it?

I believe following Jesus as a single man or woman is one of the most challenging walks that we will ever trek. It requires us to put our hopes into God’s hands without knowing the exact outcome.

If I don’t go on that date, will I miss out on meeting the man of my dreams?

Will God reimburse me, if I donate my bonus to that single mom or to the church?

Life would be great if we knew how things would turn out but it wouldn’t require much faith; and if we didn’t need faith there would be no reason to wait.  And, if there was no reason to wait, there would never be a reason to get better or to become better for ourselves or anyone else.

To wait with purpose is to sharpen, hone and nurture your skills.  It is to prune your character and integrity for the person someone else would want to marry.  It is to be intentional about your time and not allow others to use it wastefully or idly.  It is to be mindful about how you use your time and where you use your time.  It is to work on loving yourself and appreciating your unique gifts and talents.

Photo Credit: www.scarletandgoldshop.com

Photo Credit: www.scarletandgoldshop.com

While this list is not exhaustive, here are a few other practical examples of what it means to wait with purpose:

  • To have an active prayer life
  • To choose joy over doubt and worry
  • To choose peace over frustration when you’re single but your friends are getting married or engaged
  • To be a helpmate while you’re waiting on a mate by doing things such as volunteering in your church or in the community
  • To live intentionally and with intentionality in every area of your life
  • To be healthy & make wise decisions
  • To choose friends based upon who motivates and challenges you rather than who’s convenient
  • To enjoy life, to travel the world and explore
  • To resist the nudge to go on dates when bored or discouraged
  • To add the word “no” to your vocabulary and use it judiciously
  • To guard your speech because you understand your words and voice have power
  • To guard your heart because what you carry is more valuable than any gem on this earth

To wait with purpose is to be faithful with the things God that has given to you, such as:

  • your jobi.e. showing up to work on time and doing more than the bare minimum
  • your home or apartment— i.e. keep it neat, clean and tidy (it’s so much easier to develop these habits now rather than after you’re married with kids)
  • your cari.e. keeping your vehicle clean and/or giving others a ride when they need it
  • your moneyi.e. tithing consistently and giving cheerfully

To wait with purpose is to live with intentionality, knowing that what you have been called to do is much greater than what your eyes can see.  To wait with purpose is to live unapologetically and to never settle for anything less than God’s best.

Each one of us has been called to leave a mark on this earth. We’ve been called to follow and trust a man whose plans are greater than our own. At times, that blind faith causes us to question the outcome of our footsteps but never will it lead us astray.

When you’re single and patiently awaiting your spouse, the struggle is very real, and the months and years of singleness are even more real…like really, really real! Lol, I know because it’s my reality right now but as unfun as waiting may be, I can assure you that it is totally worth the wait!

Photo Credit: www.pictigar.com

Photo Credit: www.pictigar.com

Even as I reflect on some of my previous relationships and my current blessings, I know that life would be much different if I was still with the wrong one.  I’d even dare to posit that many of my current blessings would be delayed because I’d still be stuck somewhere with someone who didn’t belong in my journey.

That being said, I’d like to encourage you today.

As real as your struggle may be, your understanding of your purpose and calling in Christ are even more real. Those are the two things that God predestined before you ever formed a desire to be married or engaged.

Those two things were carved into your destiny long before you understood what love was (See 3 John 2).

Your ability to pursue your purpose and walk in your calling are the things that will cause your destiny to collide with the man or woman that God has for you.

Like Adam and Eve, as you pursue Christ in all that you do, He will bring along a helpmate at the right time.

Until then, continue to wait with purpose and be encouraged to walk in your calling.



Prayer: Father, I bless the eyes of every reader who comes across this post.  I ask that you begin to renew their eyesight until their eyes are able to view their purpose with clarity and in truth. Today, I ask that you restore their strength to wait for your perfect plan (Isaiah 40:31). Reveal your purpose for their lives. Remove all distractions in the form of people and things, and grant them the perseverance they need to achieve all that you have in store. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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