Guard Your Heart

Sometimes guarding your heart is not allowing your mind to get carried away with thoughts that get ahead of your heart.

I believe this happens with women more so than men–but the same holds true for men.

As women, our hearts are easily carried away by thoughts of romantic possibilities with a guy we’re interested in.

He says “hello” and we’re already daydreaming about our first date with him.

While our thoughts and intentions may be innocent, it doesn’t take much for us to get attached.

“Is that his sister or his friend walking next to him?”
“Who’s that girl in his Instagram pic?”
“Who’s the girl that was at Starbucks with him?”

We’re scopin’ and hopin’, and he doesn’t even know our full name yet, lol.  It doesn’t take much for us to develop a desire to be more than just his friend; and while there’s nothing wrong with that, we must first actually become his friend.

Photo Credit: Erika L. Glenn

Photo Credit: Erika L. Glenn



An effective way to guard your heart is to simply pray about the man who’s caught your eye the moment you feel that curiosity peaking.

The moment you notice those “crush-like” feelings beginning to rise in you, pause and invite God into the picture.

Talk to Him about the feelings in your heart and ask Him to check any impure motives.

Are you interested in this guy because of his social circle? His popularity?

His heart or his character?

What exactly do you find attractive and why?

Next, ask for discernment and ask for His guidance.

“Is this the season for me to date?”
“Is my heart ready for romantic love?”
“What should I do?”

Questions like this not only open up your heart to see what God has for you, but also open you up to learn who God has for you.

In seeking Him, you may find out that your crush is nothing more than an aesthetic or physical attraction but not relationship material.  As you submit your desires to God, He may reveal that it is not your season to date and He may instead redirect you to pursue your purpose for a while (i.e. launch that business, travel the world, start a nonprofit organization, begin volunteering, etc.).

By inviting God into the picture, you’ll discover that you gain much more in being led by Him versus the emotions in your heart.

It may seem silly and even ridiculous to consult God over such a small thing as a crush but remember, if God can trust you with the little things how much more can He do for you with the larger things (Luke 16:10).

Be encouraged to guard your heart and seek God in everything.



“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows it.” (Proverbs 4:23)

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