Transformed by Love

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My heart was like wildfire set ablaze in an open field. Passion burning, skin raging, heart racing, desires igniting as my hope rose higher but deeper. 

The moment I encountered God was the moment my heart was set ablaze and made to never be the same.

Every tear I’d shed, every pain I’d felt, every desire I’d ever known suddenly came crashing, falling into his arms. 

It was a feeling that no words, not even these words I type could ever describe.  It was a feeling that not even the sweetest song, the softest melody, or the most beautiful lullaby could ever sing or hum.

Nothing in this world could ever compare or begin to describe it because the love that I felt in that moment was not of this world.  It was a heavenly love.  It was a love from way beyond this earth. Way beyond the stars and galaxy. Way beyond the planets, the moon and far above the highest cloud an astronaut has ever seen.

It came from a place that was so far yet so close.  It was as if he had known my heart long before that moment and had been waiting for me.  Contemplating, pondering, sitting and waiting. Waiting for me to take a step to let him know that I was ready to be loved and ready to love him back.

It was something I had never felt before and it’s someone I never want to be without.

In the moments when I am challenged, pushed, stressed and beyond wits end, I remind myself to go back to that place of love. “Pick up peace and set aside what’s holding you down” I say to myself.

When I am broken, hurt, disappointed and I have been let down, I again have to challenge myself to go back to that place of love. “Forgive, lend your grace” I tell my inner man.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

I remind myself to go back to the same place that provided love for me when I did not know love.

I remind myself to go back to the One who chased after me when I ran away from him.

The love that pursues me is a love that continues to consume me.  It consumes my heart and provides insight to my eyes.

It pours out. It squishes out. It even gushes out with happiness and joy when I am around those who desire to chase His love just as hard and fast as me.

The love inside of me is something I have never seen before.  It continues to spring forth new fruit in each season

Each time I think I’ve seen the greatest and best that love, His love has to give, I am overwhelmingly wrong.  Once again, I am proven that He is greater; that I have the capacity to do greater and to become greater.

Having understood that the love that is inside of me, the love that was set ablaze in a moment, years ago is the greatest love of all, I am challenged to know that nothing and no one can ever compare to what that love has to give.  When I am remember that, I stand in awe of love and I reminded to never take love for granted.

To always enjoy its peace.

To seek its presence.  

I am reminded to spend time with it.

To dwell with it.

To know that if nothing else, if I have nothing else in this world, I have Christ’s love and it alone can conquer all things.

It conquers everything this world could ever seek to give me.

What about your first encounter with real love?  

At what moment did you encounter the love that set your heart ablaze?

 How have you been changed?

They said to each other, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32)


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