Mind Your Business: Things single men & women really want you to know

Does my purpose have a clock?

Does my destiny have an expiration date?

When you talk to me about my hopes, my dreams and my plans, why is it urgent for me to do what you want me to do?

Why is it urgent that I stop and slow down, and smell the roses in your garden?

Why is that when you talk to me about what’s going on in my life, you say “I’m doing too much.”

Why do you feel the need to tell me that “my clock is ticking” and that my time is running out?

“You don’t want to be single forever” you say.

When you look at me, you often see me as being less because I work long hours, I have no children, no pets and I’m single.

You don’t recognize my accomplishments.  You don’t even value my achievements.

You don’t consider the goals and dreams that I have for myself.

No, you measure them against your own standards and ideals; and perhaps against the things you wanted for yourself but never went after.

Whatever it is, you are constantly concerned with my goals, my dreams, my career, my destiny, my singleness, my marriage, my husband, my fiancé, my boyfriend…and a relationship that I don’t even have yet.

My message to you today is to become consumed with your purpose instead of mine.

You see, I’m on a race with Jesus and we’re running side by side.

I’m focused on my purpose.

I’m focused on my destiny.

I’m focused on fulfilling the things that I’ve dreamt about since I was a little girl

I’m focused on doing the things that are written in the bundles of journals that adorn the bookshelves in my apartment.

Do you know about those things? No, you don’t have a clue.

You don’t know one detail, so you shouldn’t speak to me about those things.

I know, I know… “you’re only trying to help.”

“You’re only saying these things because you care about me.”

“You’re only saying these things because you want the best for me.”

While I appreciate your concern, I don’t need it.

No opinion

I don’t need your approval.

I don’t need your acceptance.

I don’t need your confirmation.

I don’t even need your false protection.

God, my Protector and Savior is on my side.

He looks out for my best interest at all times.

He speaks to me and I listen.

We’ve begun quite a few things together and we’re going to end those things together.

My purpose is found in him. He is the beginning to my every end.

So, you can let go now.

You can find somewhere else to meddle.

You can mind your own business and get out of mine.




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