Sweet Endless Love

You know that sweet, whimsical feeling you get when you first fall in love?  You know the one that makes you daydream about spending moments under the sun while a warm smile slowly makes it way across your face.  Yeah, that one…I love that feeling.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world and in those beginning stages of love, each moment feels like the best version of forever this side of heaven has to offer.

Though we may not realize it, that sweet, light-hearted, fuzzy feeling is the same one God wants each of us to experience with Him.  He wants to reveal His plans to us and make our hearts skip a beat as we marvel in awe of His splendor.

He wants to wow us with His goodness and pour out his endless love and affection for us.

Sometimes, it’s crazy to believe and even conceive, that a God we can’t physically see or touch wants to love us to such a great magnitude.  In our natural minds, it just doesn’t make sense because those are not the types of encounters we experience on a daily basis with peers and strangers.

We don’t walk into a gym and fall in love with someone’s heart instantaneously. We don’t walk into a crowded room and suddenly feel compassion for the guy or girl standing next to us.  But that is just the way God loves us and it’s a glimpse of the way He feels about us.  His love is rich with compassion and concern for our well-being.  Scripture says that He loves us with an [endless] love (Jeremiah 31:3).

Have you ever experienced an endless love?

Have you ever met someone that you made you desire a relationship just so you could experience that feeling endless love?

You and I have endless love available to us today.  

 But, just like a budding relationship with a man or woman, that closeness comes through intentional contact.  That experience of butterfly-like excitement takes place when we make time to seek God’s heart.  It is in those moments when His love begins to flow through us and begins to emit a sense of peace, joy and serenity that we can only conceive in our dreams.  His love allows us to see ourselves through His eyes, as His beloved—the object of his love and attention.

That sweet endless love is available to you and me today, now and forever.

Today’s Prayer: God, we bring every piece of our hearts to you. With our hearts abandoned, we receive your love and we run into it.  Cause your endless love to crash into us relentlessly until we are forever changed. In your name we pray and give thanks. Amen.

 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart..” (Jeremiah 29:13)



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