My First Vlog!

Hey Guys!

So today, I’m switching things up a bit by doing a Vlog (video + blog)

You can view today’s post by clicking below:

As always, I hope today’s message encourages you in your walk with God.  May you be reminded of just how special, wonderful and one of a kind you truly are! 



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  • Roselyn
    May 15, 2015

    I enjoyed listening to your vlog. I love how you boldly said NEVER and continued by saying ” it’s just not gonna go down”. That was soo good! Never is a word we mostly shy away from because of the fear of falling short when one commits to NEVER doing xyz. And play it safe by not making the commitment, so there is nothing to be accountable for.
    Thank God for the confidence you have through Him and as a result be so courageous to boldly make the declaration over your life!!!

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