Don’t Hold Onto It, Let It Grow

Don't Hold Onto It, Let It Grow-ErikaTheEncouragerSometimes we see things that we want and we desire to hold onto them tightly. At times it’s a man or a woman, at other times it’s a relationship or a business opportunity, occasionally it’s a material item and just about every time, it’s something that we fear losing.

However, if we pay attention to the way a flower or a tree grows, we’ll learn that’s it’s always best to let something go if you want to see it grow. Look at the way a seed sprouts and grows. Amazingly, it must be buried underneath moist, dirty soil in order for it to become a sprout that grows.

In life, the desires of our heart and the objects of our attention are small seeds. Within our hands the seeds are confined to just that—a seed.  But when placed in dirt, the seeds are cultivated into a flower or tree.  We are often moved by fear to keep the seed in our hands in exchange for the safe guarantee that we will not lose it; however in the process of holding on, we lose the ability to see the seed grow.

When an earthly seed is planted, it is completely vulnerable and has no control over its destiny. It is simply at the mercy of its gardener under the belief that it will one day sprout into something much greater, stronger and beautiful.  It is planted in thick, dirty, moist soil. It remains covered in the ground for eternity and thereafter, must rely on its gardener for regular nourishment and care.

The desires of heart and the seeds in our lives function much in the same way. When we decide to release the desires of our heart to God, our will becomes vulnerable to His will. Our desires become subject to His desires for our lives. We forego control of our wants and desires and must rely on Him for support. We are placed in a position to trust that God will nourish the seed that we’ve allowed Him to hold.

Like the earthly seed that is placed in a dark, moist and dirty place, we too subject ourselves to an uncomfortable place as we wait to see what God does with our seeds. We allow God to take us through dark and challenging situations (i.e. breakups, lost jobs, rejection, failure, etc…).  We allow God to challenge our patience, and we allow Him to lead us into new and foreign places (physical and spiritual).

Will this relationship work out?”

 “Will she fall for me?”

“Will my business grow?”  

“Will I overcome this illness?”

“Will I get out of debt?”

At times the sweat from our hard work and the tears we cry appear to be in vain but because God is faithful, He uses all things to work in our favor (Romans 8:28). He guards our tears and uses them to create a lush environment for our seeds to grow and flourish.

The combination of dirt and moisture creates an environment for our seeds to bloom into a small sprout. The small sprout becomes a bud. The bud becomes a few tiny petals. The tiny petals blossom into a flower. The flower elongates and stretches a bit wider, and soon a patch of flowers appear in the small space that once held a tiny seed.

I’m convinced that our seeds hold more beauty on the inside than we could ever see on the outside.

If you’re holding onto a seed (a relationship, a person, a desire, an opportunity, etc…) today, I encourage you to place it in the hands of God.  By no means is letting go of the desires of your heart an easy task but it sure does allow God to write one heck of a story for your life.  When you do that you create the best environment for your seed to grow and flourish.  You give that seed the ability to produce new seeds that will forever reap a harvest in your life.

The desires of our heart are nothing more than seeds.  In our hands they are trapped in captivity without soil or nourishment but in God’s hands, they are securely planted and free to blossom into fruition.

Don't Hold Onto It-Poem to Jesus

Prayer: Dear God, today I put down what’s temporary in exchange for a thing that’s forever. I give you every single desire of my heart. I am planting them in the soil of my faith. I will use the sweat of my patience and tears from my eyes to water my soil of faith. I will wait patiently for you with an expectant hope.  I will wait to see you bring each desire to pass as promised in your Word (Psalm 37:4). Today, I give you my heart.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.





  • Anonymous
    January 5, 2015

    I just had to come back and read this post because it reminds me of how we slow our own breakthrough. I am learning that we truly need to allow God be God so He can show us his mighty works. There were moments when I would feel a nudge to either reach out to someone and try to force things on them. When we don’t allow God to take control we slow the process of things because we our trying to do things our way. Trusting God means we believe He is more than able to cause all seeds sown in the hearts and lives of other to grow. We need not force things. When we do we revive things prematurely which becomes a burden, because it was not ready for harvest. Thanks for this beautiful post Erika!!!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      January 5, 2015

      So so so real & true! I think we can all relate to doing these things! It’s so hard to trust and wait for God’s plans to unfold but it’s always worth it in the end. Thanks for this message! You just encouraged me too!

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