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Okay, so I saw the following meme a few days ago and died laughing out loud! Lol!

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Today, we’re talking about break-ups and the process of moving on & letting go! This topic was placed on my heart after having a few heart-to-heart conversations with close friends (guys & girls) who were having a hard time after a recent break-up.

First things first, let’s face it…sitting at home after a break-up is not a fun place.  It’s hard to get over an unexpected break-up but there is truly healing & happiness after a broken-heart.  You have to understand that God only allowed it so that He could break new ground in your life and so that He could do a new thing.  Right now, you’ve probably stalked your ex’s page at least a handful of times but what has that done for you besides drive you crazy???  I mean, even if your ex was stalking your page too, is that really the man or woman you want to be with? I’m gonna answer that for you with a NO.  Why? Because, I’m pretty sure you desire someone who wants to be with you just as much as you desire to be with them.

As funny as this meme is, puh-leeease don’t be that guy or girl stalking your ex on social media.  Each time you feel tempted to check their page, just ask yourself “is he or she stalking my page right now?”  I guarantee they’re not. =/

I’m sure you want someone who knows exactly what they want, and someone who can articulate those things to you. You want someone to commit their heart in the same way that you’ve given yours.  9 times out of 10, that’s not the man or woman that you’ve been stalking.   God’s best is much better than that, however, rejection has a way of making us settle for less than we deserve.   If you take a moment to be honest with yourself, you’ll likely see that your standards have changed (because that’s what rejection usually convinces us to do…settle).

For example, think about the person you’ve been stalking and answer these questions honestly:

  1. Is what you’re willing to accept right now, the same as what you asked for at the beginning of your relationship when things were going well?
  2. Is what you’re willing to accept right now, the same as when his or her heart was into the relationship?

You can go ahead answer those questions but I’m willing to guess that the answer to both of those questions is, no.  I doubt that stalking his or her social media page was your version of “normal” communication at the beginning of that relationship.

I’m sure you began your relationship with higher expectations of both yourself and of that person, so why are you okay with receiving less than that now?  Do you think that you deserve less?  Has your value declined? Has your worth diminished?

Do you not know that you are fearfully & wonderfully made?  Do you not know that you’re a mighty man of valor?  Make no mistake about God’s Word.  He indeed wants you to have the desires of your heart (Psalm 137:4).  He wants you to be joyful with a merry and full heart, and He wants to be the one to give it to you.   Allow God to do that for you.

Step back and let Him take control over the pain, hurt and disappointment that’s in your heart.  He needs for you to allow Him to do that, in order to do a new thing.  There is more to life than the pain you feel inside today.  There is a love more faithful than the one you recently lost.  Allow God to use this time to help you experience that kind of love. Moving on can be tough when you’re not ready but be bold and courageous to let go of that failed relationship, and embrace God’s unfailing love.  The great thing about God is that you can never out-stalk Him.  He loved you before you even knew Him, and He pursued you when you chose not to pursue Him.

I speak life over your heart today if it’s broken, and I declare healing and restoration at this very moment.

Take a few days away from what’s keeping you away from happiness and healing (i.e. social media, old love songs, familiar place and people).  Replace those things with a few moments with God in the form of prayer or devotional time.  Get out and do something that makes you happy.

The more you focus on God, the more you will see what’s ahead of you.  The more you see what’s ahead, the less you’ll want to focus on what’s behind.

PAUSE on the stalking the ex. Stop checking that page and START healing today.




Prayer: Father, I pray for each reader.  Heal, mend, and restore their heart.  Renew their self-image and allow them to see themselves in you. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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