Living With Confidence

Living With Confidence

Photo Credit: Erika Glenn

Photo Credit: Erika Glenn

Confidence is one of the most valuable assets that we could ever possess but, many of us don’t feel equipped to carry it.  We look at our insecurities and shortcomings and think that we do not deserve to be confident.  However, confidence cannot be earned.  It is something that we intentionally take or forfeit.

Each day we wake up, we have the choice of believing in the gifts and talents that we possess or doubting them.  We have the choice to love and admire our external appearance or loathe it.  We have the choice to affirm that we are fearfully and wonderfully made or nitpick at our weaknesses.

For years, I struggled with confidence because I did not think that I deserved to be confident.  I was overweight and because of my insecurities with my appearance, I thought that I had to be quiet, shy and timid.   Carrying these insecurities didn’t do anything to help my confidence.  Instead they made me shy away from challenging situations and accept things (such as bad relationships) that were not God’s best for me.

One day, I got tired of living in the shadows of low self-esteem and timidity so I began to search God’s Word.  I knew that God had a better plan for my life so I began to search for His promises.  I also began to look for scriptures that discussed his thoughts of me as a woman of God (Proverbs 31).   Once I learned these things, I began to declare them daily and I wrote things such as “I am beautiful.  I am kind, gentle, loving, patient, peaceful, humble, strong and victorious” and posted them on the walls of my home.  I wrote and spoke these things until they sunk in.  Over time, many of my insecurities began to fade away.  I began to see myself as a stronger person.   More importantly, I began to see myself the way God sees me.

I began to examine the life of Jesus.  The more that I examined the life of Jesus, the more I saw that He was a confident man who did not accept less than His father’s best for his life.   Though I am not Jesus, I knew His word said that His power lived inside of me. Therefore, I learned that the same confident power that lived in Him, lived inside of me –I too, could live with confidence (Romans 8:11).  The moment that I began to realize these things, a new kind of confidence began to emerge.

Today, there is absolutely nothing and no person that could ever make me think less of myself or the things that are inside of me.  There’s nothing that anyone can do to make me doubt myself or God’s plans for my life.   Regardless of who accepts me, approves me or likes me, I am confident that nothing in the world can defeat God’s plans for me.

Each day that I wake up, I remind myself that I am equipped and empowered through Christ to prosper and flourish in every single blessing that God has given unto me.  I remind myself that God’s power is alive and active. Though I am still shy at times, I do not allow it to serve as a limitation.  Every part of my personality was purposely designed by God and was created to help me walk in my purpose.

Today, I know that I am the perfect person for every gift, talent and skill that God has placed within me.  No personality trait, external characteristic, person or thing can ever change that.  Today, I make a point to live each day with confidence knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made; and no matter what happens in life, God has opened a door for me that no man can ever close (Revelation 3:8).

If you struggle with confidence, I encourage you to search God’s word for affirmation. Don’t ever rely on the opinions and thoughts of others to validate who you are.  God had a plan for your life that preceded anyone’s thoughts and opinions of you.   Seek to live for him and you will learn to grow and live with confidence.

Prayer: Father, I pray for each person who reads this message today and any person who struggles with confidence.  Enlighten their understanding and enlarge their vision of themselves.  Bless their lives with people who can push them toward their destiny and remove those who act as a burden.   Help them to believe in your perfect plan but most of all, help them to see that they have been made in your perfect image and therefore they cannot be flawed. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Scripture: “But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests,[a] a holy nation, God’s very own possession.” (1 Peter 2:9) NLT

Be encouraged to live each day with confidence!





  • Roselyn
    March 13, 2014

    Indeed you are the perfect person and have perfect gifts and talent from God which you utilize very well to encourage others. The first time I sent you a message was on, November 4th which was my birthday. You wrote a nice birthday message on my wall and my response to you was ” thank you virtuous of God” I meant those words because your post I had been receiving from Chinedu, simplified what Proverbs 31 says about a virtuous woman, who also writes and encourages others with her gift. You are great and perfect is every area because God made you so. If I a fellow woman can identify a virtuous woman, a wise man who understands and goes by Proverbs 31 will know that you are not just a great catch but a perfect catch to and for him.You use your talent and gift so selflessly it is just awe-inspiring! From the words of Mike Murdock” Every man has 2 men in him. A king and a fool. How do you know when you’ve found a queen? When she speaks to the king in you”. A man who knows he is a king, when he comes across a queen will identify her. If he doesn’t have the confidence to be a king, then he is definitely not worth having a queen and won’t know when he comes across one! You are a very precious jewel to God and to the ones you encourage and inspire to walk in The Lord!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      March 14, 2014

      This is one of the most impacting messages that I’ve ever read and received. Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me and edify me from the inside out. It means so much to me and I count it a blessings to have found a friend in you. You’ve been a great blessing to my life since we met and I’m thankful for how our friendship has grown. You too are a precious and rare jewel in the sight of God and to me as well. I’m not saying that to return words of encouragement, I’m saying it because it is true. Each day you take time to encourage me and others. You find scriptures to direct and guide others in the wisdom of God, and you seek ways to enlighten our understanding. You are a true Proverbs 31 wife who labors in love. You are good and of noble character just as Proverbs 31:10-31 describes. I can’t thank you enough for this message. I was so speechless and blown away when I read it last night. It’s so meaningful and full of life. Therefore, I have decided to print it and post it at home. Thanks so much for encouraging me today. I love you =)

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