Refuse To Worry

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Refuse To Worry

“I’m too big”

“I’m getting big”

“I’m too slim”

“I need more money”

“I need more connections”

“Business is too slow. I need God to give me more favor”

“I’m running out of time”

“I’m nervous”

“I’m scared”

“I don’t have anything to wear”

“I don’t have enough friends”

“I need a bigger home”

“I need a raise”

“I need a better job”

“I need a better boss”

“I need my family to be more supportive”

“When am I going to get married?”

“When is he going to propose?”

“When is she going to change?”

“I’ve been single forever, I’m getting old”

“I need a smaller waist”

“I’ve been working out forever, when are my abs going to start showing?”

How many of these sound familiar?

God responds to our laundry list of concerns with one question: “can all of your worries add a single moment to your life?” (Matthew 6:27).

I once read “just as worship gives God the opportunity to move on your behalf, worrying gives the enemy the opportunity to move against you”~Joel Osteen.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves “do I want life to work for me or against me?”  God has already promised that he is for us so why waste time saying things that act against us? (Romans 8:31)  God promises that EVERYTHING works together for your good.  He didn’t say everything will work, nope, he said they’re working right now (Romans 8:28). The good and the bad are working for your good.  They are producing a good work and a blessing in your life.

Which worries have been playing in your mind? Which worries have you been speaking?  Hit the stop button on those things and begin to give God thanks for the life that you have today. Give thanks for the things that you have today.  It’s the best way to receive more and live worry free.  Begin to confess words that say “God is supplying my needs according to his riches and glory (Philippians 4:19).  I am blessed.  I thank you Lord for everything that I have today.  Those things are more than enough to get me to where I need to be.”

Make a point to thank God as soon as your eyes open each day.  Refuse to worry about any of life’s temporary circumstances.  When you do that life will become much sweeter and enjoyable.  Most of all, you will begin to experience a life that is worry free.

Scripture: But I am trusting you, O Lord,  saying, “You are my God!” My future is in your hands. (Psalm 31:14-15)

Prayer: God take control of what I say and guard my lips. Help me to speak no ill thing today, tomorrow or any day after. In the name of Jesus, Amen. (Psalm 141:3)






  • Roselyn
    March 7, 2014

    Thank you for laying down in humanly terms some of the things we worry about. The list had so much sarcasm I just could not contain myself. It’s was a great list. Philippians 4: 6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” When worry kicks in, we need to flash our prayer light at it, by talking to God. Prayer is our weapon, shield and food that satisfies and quenches us when nothing or no one can!!!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      March 7, 2014

      The number of things I could identify with were amazing lol! This scripture was a great reminder to me this morning to stop worrying about small insignificant things

  • Art Hatfield
    March 8, 2014

    Erika do you do any guest posts, I would love to have you write a post for my blog – Art (grandpa)

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      March 11, 2014

      Hi Art! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do write guest posts! I’ll contact you by email. My e-mail address is

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