26 Ways To Enjoy V-Day as a Single!–From A to Z

So it’s V-Day again!!!

Photo Credit: Frank Guido Photo Content: Words added by Erika Glenn Photo Title: Be Mine Creative Commons License

Photo Credit: Frank Guido
Photo Content: Words added by Erika Glenn
Photo Title: Be Mine
Creative Commons License

Grocery stores are full of beautiful red & pink flowers.  Cupcake shops are stocked with petite sweet treats. Redbox has weekend specials for new releases and classic hits. Local restaurants have a smorgasboard of dinner & dessert platters for all of the traveling lovers; jewelry stores are fully adorned with beautiful gems; and Singles, well…ummmm…mmmm **crickets**…V-Day can be a little different for Singles.

It’s generally a day that makes us do the “when is this day going to be over” countdown but not this year! There are many ways to have a fun, memorable and fulfilling V-Day as a Single person. I’m in the Singles Club too, and we’re gonna make this year one of the BEST V-Day’s ever!

If you’re single, don’t spend today thinking about all of the frogs & frogettes that didn’t work out! You’re not a prince or princess anyway, you’re a king and a queen.  If you haven’t met your mate yet, God is using this time to polish your crown, craft your staff and adorn your gown for your special day. =)

Here are 26 fun & creative ways to experience love, splendor, adventure, beauty and excitement on Valentine’s Day as a Single from A to Z!  Ready, let’s go!

  1. Write a friend or loved a note of appreciation.  Make someone’s else V-Day memorable by letting them know how much you appreciate them. This will give both you and them, that warm & fuzzy V-Day feeling <3

  2. Take time to be kind to someone today by holding the door open for them on the elevator, helping them with their grocery bags or running an errand for them.

  3. Create a list of qualities you desire to possess as a husband or wife.  Write these down and ask God to help you attain these characteristics.

  4. Dream, dream, dream! Write down your dreams and pray over them. Look up a few scriptures and speak those scriptures over your dreams!

  5. Expect to be today to be full of fun and excitement! Even if you’re recently divorced or recently single, there is something in your life worthy of excitement.  Declare that today will be fun and exciting, and expect to see what your faith says about today!

  6. Be brave and forgive the person who hurt you or broke your heart.  Take a few minutes to ask God to forgive you for holding onto unforgiveness.  Forgive him or her the way God has forgiven you.

  7. Give someone a compliment today! It will make them smile on the outside and it will make your heart smile on the inside. Who knows, you might even get one back! =)

  8. Go home.  Sometimes being around family is the best the way to experience and feel love.  No one loves you like family.  Use today to spend some quality time with the family.  They’ll appreciate seeing you and your heart will enjoy their love.

  9. Implement a realistic plan on how you can achieve at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions and/or goals. Many of us have goals but very few have a plan.  Striving to achieve our goals is like taking a road trip.  You need a road map in order to reach your destination and you need a plan in order to achieve your goals.  Take a few minutes today to write your plan!

  10. Cut on your favorite song and JAM to it! You don’t need a boo in order to have a great time! You have concerts in your car on the freeway and in the shower so what’s stopping you today? Don’t let not having a boo be a reason not to JAM!

  11. Use today to take a step toward kicking a bad habit! Maybe you gossip, maybe you curse, or maybe you talk with food in your mouth and it annoys your family and friends. Whichever annoying or unhealthy habit you possess, challenge yourself to quit it for V-Day!

  12. Learn a language. Okay, maybe you can’t do this in 24 hours but you sure can start working towards it in 24-hours. Groupon and Living Social always have great deals on learning a foreign language.  Make today your first day of learning the language you’ve always dreamed of speaking.  (p.s. Another great site to check is LiveMocha.com. They actually offer free online language courses).

  13. Make a delicious dinner or dessert for yourself! Why spend money on a meal when you can practice and perfect those domestic skills free of charge at home?  Plus, if you order takeout you know you’re going to run into one of those annoying couples who can’t keep their hands off each other in public anyway lol. Do you really wanna see all of that today? Lol, I didn’t think so. Homecooked meal for the WIN it is! Your future spouse will thank you =)

  14. Absolutely NO complaining today.  The golden rule of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” applies to you too.  Challenge yourself not to speak negatively about anything or anyone today…not even your ex-frog or ex-frogette.  Be nice to yourself =)

  15. Open a book.  If you don’t have a boo today, you have plenty of time to go home and curl up on the couch with that book you’ve been meaning to read for the past five months.  In fact, you probably have about 5 or more that you’ve recently purchased that are collecting dust.  Dust it off and treat your mind to a fun read!

  16. Play Dress-Up. Okay before you give me the side-eye let me explain lol. There’s probably no waiting line for the dressing room at your favorite clothing store.  Go to the mall or your favorite boutique and try on outfits! Many stores have V-Day sales so you may even leave the store with a clearance/sale outfit in hand!

  17. Don’t Quit.  Many people have been hurt so many times that they simply quit believing God for a mate.  God promises to give you the desires of your heart when you love him with your heart.  Use today to get motivated to believe God for a beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind godly relationship and spouse. (Read Psalm 37:4)

  18. Rest.  Treat yourself to a nice warm bath, rent a movie (courtesy of Redbox), grab a bag of popcorn, and chill out by yourself or with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

  19. Sample! One of the best things about V-Day is the food! Many restaurants, cupcake shops and ice cream shops will have tons of sample give-a-ways today! Make your rounds to a few neighborhood dessert spots and sample their yummies. =)

  20. Take a trip! The one good thing about V-Day is that most people will be indoors tonight so the roads will be clear.  Use tonight to make a quick trip to visit a friend or to check out an attraction in a nearby city.  The more you explore now as a single, the more you’ll have to talk about once you begin dating again!

  21. Understand that loving another person begins with loving God and loving yourself.  Take some time to write down 5 qualities that you admire about yourself.  Once you’re able to identify your loveable qualities, others will too.

  22. Volunteer. Look up local organizations that are seeking volunteers.  Contact them and schedule a time to volunteer.  Great places to volunteer include: the children’s hospital, home for the retired/elderly, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, church and local government board. Another great way to spend V-Day is by working on your vision!  Use today to write how you want your wedding day to look (i.e. I want to be pure in heart, joyful and abstained from activities that do not honor God), write the characteristics that you desire in a future spouse, write your vision for 2014 and write what you want to achieve.  Fall in love with your vision for V-day!

  23. WORKOUT! Maybe you hate working out because you feel self-conscious at the gym. Maybe you’re working on losing weight right now.  Well V-Day is probably the BEST day in the world to workout! Everyone that has a boo will be indoors so the gym will be FREE and CLEAR! Use today to do something that your future body will thank you for–Get your workout on!

  24. No eXes allowed. V-Day has a weird way of making those ex-frogs and ex-frogettes emerge from the pond.  Remember why the relationship ended and resist the temptation to go back to it.  God has something greater in store.  Be confident and remember that.

  25. Yap It Up! Use today to catch up with a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while.  Today may be a rough day for them and receiving a phone call from you may lift their spirits =)

  26. Zip It Up! Yep, I said that! You might get a case of the lonelies and so may someone else but don’t let one night of loneliness cause you to compromise your values.  Protect your heart, protect your purity and keep those pants and skirts zipped up tonight. God has greater and you will receive it if you wait on Him. =)

The beauty of each thing on this list, is that each one provides you with an opportunity to sow a seed a faith into the life and love that you desire to have.  They allow you to plant the seeds of love that you seek to experience with a mate, and they create room for God to fulfill the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

The best time to give anything is when you need that thing the most.  If you desire love, give love to yourself and to others today.  God promises that anything you give will be given right back to you! (Luke 6:38)

I challenge you to do 1-2 things off this list today, and then record it in a journal or diary. When you meet the love of your life, you will know that today’s acts of love (including self-love) were a seed that blossomed into your beautiful marriage.

Happy V-Day Singles! God loves you =)


~ETE <3

  • Roselyn
    February 14, 2014

    The list is so cool my favorite 2 are Understanding and off course bringing out the girlie side within playing dress up. Writing down 5 qualities we possess is such a great idea you shared, and also a way to help us understand our self worth and how God created us in him own image ! In all that we choose to do and accomplish let’s “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” Proverbs 16:3 . Like you said we are sowing seeds in faith and water them with prayer.

    Happy V-day
    Love ROZ!!!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      February 14, 2014

      Awww thanks Rozzy! I’m so happy that you like it! I had so much fun writing the list!

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