What Can I Do While I Wait on God?

What Can I Do While I Wait on God?

The waiting period for anything can be an unsettling and anxious time for us.  We know the outcome that we desire but we have no idea if, and when that outcome will be achieved.  Whether you’re waiting to learn the results from a school or health examination, the approval of a mortgage application or even healing from a broken heart, God’s word provides guidance on what to do during our waiting period.

Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez "Choice" Creative Commons License

Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez
Creative Commons License

Below are eight things you can do and three declarations that you can make while you wait on God.  Each comes from Psalm 40.  As you read them, I pray that you gain strength and hope to remain patient while you wait on God.

Eight Things To Do While Waiting on God

  1. Recite the good things God has done in your life in the past. This will keep you in remembrance that if he did it before, he can do it again. (Psalm 40:5)

  2. Listen for God and be attentive to God’s voice as you wait. Take 5-10 minutes to pray each day. (Psalm 40:6)

  3. Ask for His help each day. The more you lean on God for strength the less you’ll rely on your own strength; the stronger you’ll become from the inside out.  Ask for help in small areas such as the fruit of the spirit: kindness, gentleness, joy, peace, love, forgiveness, patience, faithfulness, self-discipline (Psalm 40:17).

  4. Ask God for what you need instead of what you think sounds good to Him. Many times we try to impress God by not asking for the thing that we really need. For example, asking for patience during a season of singleness instead of asking for love and reassurance of God’s love for you.  If you’re single, God already knows you need patience–that’s why you’re single lol.  If you feel lonely during your singleness ask God to show you that He loves you each day.  Ask Him to bless you with godly friendships so they can help encourage you.  It’s okay to ask for the things that you need. (Psalm 40:13,17)

  5. Volunteer once or twice a month with local organizations.  In Psalm 40, David interacted with others A LOT while he waited on God.  Helping others creates an opportunity for God to help us by being selfless. It’s an act that says “God you are bigger than my situation and circumstance.”  Ideas for volunteering include: serving food at a homeless shelter, spending time at a retirement home, mentoring students, planning events with your local city government and joining a ministry at your church.

  6. Search for God.  Look for the “God” in each day.  Get a journal and write where you see God working in your life.  Write how and when God speaks to you throughout the day.  Over time you will accumulate a great book of blessings to keep yourself encouraged.  The more you see God moving, the more you’ll believe that he’s moving during your season of waiting. (Psalm 40:16)

  7. Encourage Others. One of the best ways to experience joy and receive encouragement is to encourage others.  Encouraging others removes the focus from yourself and lightens your burden of heaviness and anxiety.  (Psalm 40:9-10)

  8. Work for God’s Approval and Not Man’s Approval.  During times of waiting, one of our greatest temptations is to seek approval and validation from others.  We do this in hopes of filling the void that we feel in our heart.  However, if you’re already frustrated by waiting on God the last thing you need to do is an act of service for the purpose of gaining love or appreciation. If the act goes unnoticed or is unappreciated you will feel rejected and worse than you already do.  Instead, look for something that you can do for God or with God, each day. Examples: pray, encourage others, sing songs of praise, or spend time finding encouraging scriptures. (Psalm 40:8)

Three Declarations To Make While Waiting on God

  1. “God,You Are Faithful”– the word says “it will be fulfilled according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29). If you want to see God’s faithfulness, declare that He is faithful each day. (Psalm 40:10)

  2. “God,Your Love is Unfailing”– when you remind yourself that God’s love is unfailing, you will feel empowered and assured about his love for you.  You will be assured that he will not fail you. (Psalm 40:10) (Hebrews 13:5)

  3. “God, You Are Great”– declare that God is great everyday.  The power of life and death are in the tongue so speak life each day. (Psalm 40:16).

Rather than waiting with an anxious and unsettled heart, we can transform our experience of waiting into a joyful and peaceful experience.  When we do these things, God’s word promises joy, elevation, strength, stability, happiness, blessings and victory (Psalm 40: 1-4).

Reflection: Are you in a period of waiting right now?  Which things can you begin to do from the list above?

Prayer: God, you are great and your love is unfailing.  Your word is true and you are faithful to your promises.  I ask that you soften my heart and keep my ears open to receive from you today.  I declare that this time of waiting will be one of the greatest, peaceful and joyful moments of my life with you.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Scripture: Psalm 40

God bless you.  Be encouraged to wait with an expectant, joyful and peaceful heart. God loves you.




  • Roselyn
    February 7, 2014

    Thank you for those insightful lists. I am really learning to make number 6 apart of my life. When we read the word we realize that some of the verses from the Old Testament are repeated in the new, because of prophecies and revelations that were made and they came to pass. We can also apply those experiences in our life. As you stated documenting when we feel his presence or what God is doing in our lives spiritually during our time of waiting, can be used as references on the revelation of the unsearchable things we didn’t know Jeremiah 33:3. Imagine writing a revelation you foresaw and then it actually comes to pass. WOW this can actually help save a soul of how God moved in ones life. We as humans love seeing evidence lol, so those references would be great evidence of God’s revelation of what and how he worked and is working in our lives. Waiting can be a challenge, reflecting on the many stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rahab, Moses, Joseph and many other stories in the bible, one thing ties them all together. In all their stories, God was faithful to all of them and rewarded them by fulfilling his promises he made Hebrews 11. The same way he did for them, is the same way he will be faithful to us when we are also loyal to him. Romans28:8. In Genesis 50:24″Joseph said to his brothers, “I am about to die, but God will surely take care of you and bring you up from this land to the land which He promised on oath to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob.” God is faithful we need to remember that he declared his promise to the Israelites and it is referred to as the PROMIS”ED” Land, meaning it is already done and given!!!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      February 9, 2014

      Amen sis! There’s so much power in our written words! Many times the things that are written end up becoming fulfilled prophecies from God! Every once in a while, I go back and revisit old notebooks and it’s always so fun to read what I was feeling or experiencing then and compare it to what’s happening now

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