Lessons I Learned In 2013: Enjoy Your Journey

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I once read a quote that said “we see today, God sees tomorrow.”  I love this quote because it explains the importance of enjoying your journey no matter where God takes you.

When challenges arrive, our natural tendency is to pray them away and/or ask God “why me?”   We wonder why the challenge is facing us and we hope that the challenge does not last long.  If our friends and loved ones appear to be sailing smoothly through life, we become envious.  We think to ourselves “it must be nice to live so worry-free” and we slowly begin to take more interest in living a life that looks like their life, instead of our taking interest in our own life.

What we often neglect to consider are the challenges that person has faced.  If someone is in a season of harvest today, they most certainly persevered through a season of sowing beforehand.  No matter how glamorous and beautiful one’s life may appear, a closer look will always reveal a testimony of fear, struggle and faith.  Somewhere along their road to victory, they too faced difficulties, and had to make a choice to keep going.

Every Part of Your Journey Has A Purpose

Our natural tendency is to look at today’s location without focusing yesterday’s journey.  We love the story of the hero but we don’t like to hear about the days the hero spent as an underdog. The days of challenge are just as important as the days of triumph.  The days of having limited resources prepare us to be a prudent investor and spender.  The moments of desperation teach us the value of having faith.  The people who hurt us, help us to value those who support us.  The friends and loved ones who doubt us, teach us to believe in ourselves.  The things and people that are against us, reveal that God is always for us. Though we see today, God sees tomorrow, and every part of our journey has a greater purpose.

It’s easy to miss the blessing of where God has positioned us today when we are constantly focused on the lives of others; for this reason, God asks us to focus on Him (John 15:4).  God asks us to give our hearts and desires to Him, to help ourselves stay in remembrance of His promises and encouraged about our future. He knows the strength of His power.  He knows that if we commit ourselves to Him, there are no limits to where He can take us in life (1 Cor. 2:9).

Throughout 2013, there were many goals that I worked to see come to pass.  While pursuing those goals, there were many challenges that sought to throw me off-track and derail my promise.  When I was in the middle of a failing relationship, my friends were getting engaged and planning weddings.  When I was struggling to build clientele, my colleagues were flourishing.  When my metabolism plateaued, my friends were slimming down and achieving their weight loss goals.  During those times, I could only see the challenges and difficulties of the day.  I couldn’t see the day God would enable me to launch a blog to help others.  I couldn’t see last week when God enabled me to use my story of heartbreak to encourage someone else.  And, I couldn’t see the many people I’ve met over the past few months who have been encouraged by my commitment to health and fitness.

In 2013, one of the greatest lessons God taught me was the importance of enjoying my journey.  No matter where you are in life and no matter what you do, God has purposed and planned each day of your life.  Some days will be great and others will be a challenge, but every day will play a role in the tomorrow that God has planned for your life.  Each day of your life is connected to your unique story of victory and triumph.  When you are tempted to envy the lives of others, pause for a moment. Remind yourself that you have a life that is worth being valued and appreciated.  Remind yourself that you too, are a person of destiny.  Do your best to enjoy every moment of your journey.

When the day comes for you to share your story, you will want to be able to tell the story of the life you lived, instead of the life you envied.

Enjoy your journey! Happy Sunday!



  • challenyee
    December 29, 2013

    Yes, when we are open to God’s leading, when we are at our worst, God has in store the best. May we see that value each day. Erika,awesome post.

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      December 29, 2013

      Amen Challen! It is so true! God bless you friend!

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