Home Is Where The Heart Is: The Lessons I Learned During My Trip Home For The Holidays!

Photo Credit: Kristina Servant Photo Title: Christmas! Photo Content: Erika Glenn Photo location: This found was found on the "Backgrounds" application for Android.

Photo Credit: Kristina Servant
Photo Title: Christmas!
Photo Content: Erika Glenn
Photo location: This found was found on the “Backgrounds” application for Android.

A familiar phrase used to describe the love and joy associated with being surrounded by family and close friends is, “home is where the heart is.”  It means home is the place your heart can find the shelter and peace that a home provides.  When we think of a home, we generally think of place that embodies love, joy, peace and rest.  It is the place where the heart can be open, free and unguarded.

Yesterday, as I packed for my holiday trip to my home in Michigan, these were the exact things I looked forward to upon arriving home.  I looked forward to relaxing in the living room with my parents while laughing and talking for a few hours; and I looked forward to sharing my random airport stories (because I ALWAYS have some! lol).  In the midst of my packing, I wondered which decorations my mom had placed around the house, if there was any new furniture, and how my room would be set-up.  My mind even went so far as to wonder if any of my favorite healthy snacks were in the cupboards waiting for me, so I called a day ahead and provided my mom with a grocery list lol…yes, I really did this!

I spent so much time packing and prepping for my trip that I did not go to bed until almost 4AM on Tuesday morning.  I set my alarm for 8:30AM that morning.  When it was time to get up, I continued packing and then headed to the gym for a quick travel day workout.  A few hours later, my packing was complete and I was on the road to the airport.

When I finally arrived home, I had made so many great connections between the shuttle to the airport and the plane ride home.  However, out of all of them, the last encounter was the most impactful and memorable.  On the last leg of my flight home, a beautiful mother of 6 sat next to me and within 5 minutes of sitting next to each we had become friends.  We had the most awesome conversations about life, relationships, dating, marriage, careers, children and…Jesus. 🙂  Once we began sharing and exchanging stories about our faith, we could not keep quiet and we ended up chatting from takeoff-to-touchdown. When we landed, we gave each other a great big hug and exchanged encouraging words.

I was so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross.  I was so grateful that my flight home was spent with someone who was able to pour words of encouragement and love into my spirit.  She made me feel at such peace during the flight and as I exited the airport, the words “home is where the heart is” came to mind.  These words rang in my heart and I developed a deeper understanding of what they truly meant.

You see, no matter where we (Christians) are, our home is with Jesus and when we spend time with Him, it gives our heart peace and rest.  Our time with Jesus gives us joy that lasts throughout the day and we receive encouragement to keep moving forward in Him.  In the same way that I prepped and packed for my trip home, we too have a responsibility to our spiritual home.  We must be intentional and schedule time to pray, worship and read our bible.  We have to prep and pack our spirit with wisdom, hope, faith, truth, love and courage so that we can continue to travel toward our destiny and the places God wants to take us.

In the same way that I was willing to stay up all night, and do whatever it took to get ready for my flight home, we too must be willing to make sacrifices for our spiritual home.  We have to do things such as: tithe when we do not feel like it; help someone in need when we they need it; pray when we are tired; and join a local church instead of being an eternal live-streaming member. 🙂 We must behave as homeowners, and make the sacrifices of one who realizes the value of her home.

Homeowners who want to increase the value of their home invest in it.  They remodel areas of the home and add new features.  Are there areas of your spiritual home (relationship with God) that need to be remodeled?  Do you recall the last time you saw a remodeled home or apartment?  It looked beautiful and felt exciting, right?  Improvements to a home, make it a place you look forward to–it makes a place you want to call home.

When we invest in our spiritual home, we make our heart look forward to being home.  We give it a place of rest, peace and joy.  We give it a place to grow, change and develop.  We give ourselves a place to call home.  As we approach the Christmas holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, don’t forget to make time for your spiritual home.  Prepare it and give your heart a new and improved place to call home.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21).

  • Roselyn
    December 19, 2013

    Thank you for your message. It’s amazing how we can sacrifice for events or things tirelessly yet we sometimes “time”ourselves during ones devotional or quiet time sessions; especially in the morning. Why? because we woke up late and as a result need to hurry up for work or things planned for the day. A devoted heart and time can definitely improve our faith just like a devoted student studies to pass his or her tests. Have a fruitful & blessed stay with family!!!

    • ErikaTheEncourager
      December 19, 2013

      Yes!!!…especially to that running late in the morning part :-/ This is so true! God had to remind me of this today too. I was in such a hurry to begin the day and get it started and God reminded me “the things you do don’t have meaning if I’m not in them.” As soon as I felt the nudge in my spirit, I slowed down and returned to my room for 30 minutes of devotional time and prayer. It ended up being such a joyful and peaceful time. I was so concerned about not having enough time to read today and do everything else but at the end of the day, God allowed me to accomplish everything on my to-do list plus more. Lessons like these are always good for me around the holidays because there are always a million things to do and many places to go but, no matter where I am, my first priority must always be Him. =)

      I loved your student analogy! That was so good girl! Thanks for the blessings. I hope you’re enjoying your week!


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